Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Powering Through the Old Floor

Well besides finishing up some mud on the drywall today, I spent my time with the hammer & chisel breaking away the bit of old floor adjacent to the brick wall. There's another section at the front of the wall that I tried hand sawing away (the grain is the opposite direction) but the oak floor was too hard for me to power through. Now I need a masseuse.


  1. Love watching your progress as I am about to demolish the kitchen in my new house. Luckily my house was built in 1984 so I can skip most of these steps. Mine will literally be a top down renovation starting with a new roof, water damaged ceilings and walls, and finally a tile floor. Then I can finish off with a new kitchen.

  2. So you got the house, congrats! I'm practicing everyday now floating the drywall (that's leveling out the low spot) and putting in corner bead, so come by if you want some drywall lessons.

  3. I'm gone every weekend but during the week should be cool. It will help me to visualize my future.



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