Thursday, June 28, 2012

Floor Design for Marmoleum Click

This is a possible floor design for our Marmoluem Click kitchen floor. I've been drawing up dozens of patterns but wasn't particularly thrilled with most of them. We have 5 color samples & planed to combine 3 colors, but are even undecided on which 3. With a layout of the kitchen that isn't really rectangular complicating the flow, it's been a challenge. I've been collecting lots of mid century modern graphics to develop the kitchen design & was looking at a leftover piece of scrapbook paper and was inspired by it's print. As the click  tiles are 12" with square corners I couldn't exactly duplicate the rounded corners of the rectangles, but the basic idea is there. I ended up using 4 colors though. So far it's my favorite, but I may refine it even more.
Floor Plan

Scrapbook Paper


  1. I love this design!

  2. I'm anonymous - can't remember my Google sign-in.



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