Thursday, May 19, 2011

Kitchen Floor Samples have arrived

We ordered some samples of the marmoleum floor for our kitchen. The sample pieces are only the top linoleum layer, but the floor comes in engineered pieces that click together, so they install easily as a floating floor.
I spent the last couple days playing around with ideas for patterns using the 3 bottom colors. I pasted into the drawing the countertop swatch & stretched it over the counters, but the scale is of course too big. I also added the bamboo door swatch off to the side.

So which patterns do you like & dislike?


  1. I like the last two on the bottom. The rest might be a bit challenging after a couple of years.

  2. Well Bob likes those the least, thinks they are too large for the area. But he also wants me to try & make a 3D view for him because the floor plan view is too hard for him to tell from. So #D is my next challenge.



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