Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mini Purse Earrings

My latest creation, a birthday gift for a great friend. Took some small scraps of ultra suede and made tiny pouches, gathered the top & crimped on a ribbon end. Then attached some recycle bits of chain for handles. I originally picked out a lighter beige faceted bead for the top, but the shape was too flat, didn’t like it. I needed a more oblong bead. Spent forever trying to locate 2 matching beads the right shape & color, the hazards of working with recycled materials - and of course, I just have tooo much crap!

Possibly planning another pair in blue silk with chains that have some crystal beads on them, they’ll be a bit more dressy.

Just a small sampling of my hordes to sort through


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE these earrings!!! Nice job! Found you on etsy blog team:)

  2. Thanks LuciRae, they've gotten lots of compliments so I guess I'll have to start making more for the shop.



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