Saturday, January 18, 2014

New Life for Some Old Work

My great niece is still a preteen but she's very much into fashion, loves watching design shows, and designing outfits. For her last birthday gift I decided to frame one of my old fashion illustrations from college in the 70's. It took my sister-in-law & I forever to decide which of my old works we thought she might like best and it ultimately was decided by which one I could find a frame to fit (most were tall & narrow). Instead of the normal matting, I just added 2 strips of mat down the sides of the drawing to fit it in the frame. Makes me think I should break out the watercolors again (so many project ideas, so little time).


Quick Upcycled Boot Cuffs

I've been eying quite a few boot cuffs on Etsy lately & decided I should try to make some. I don't knit, but recently while in my sweater drawer I noticed a sweater my mom handed down to me that didn't really fit. I liked the pattern & realized the sleeves would probably fit around my calves. So I cut about 12" off each sleeve. I folded about 3" over and then folded it again to give it some thickness. Then I just did a zigzag stitch around the edge & done! The zigzag worked fine with this sweater because of its weave, it really wasn't noticeable. But some other techniques might be to hand sew it, or even to use some yarn and do some kind of large decorative stitch. I guess I'll keep my eyes open at the thrift stores for some more interesting sweaters.


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