Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bottle Bottom Valance

We finally finished mounting the bottle bottoms in the valance & connected it to the cabinets. We just love how it came out, can't wait to finish the bottles on the bar counter. Of course we had to take took it back down this morning as the electricians are here to install all the light fixtures and outlets. Little by little, we're finally approaching the end of this overdue project.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Kitchen Sink Installed

 YEAH! We finally have a kitchen sink. Earlier in the week one side of the kitchen got the counter tops installed, with the sink under-mounted. The other side of the room had two counter pieces that needed to be re-cut because the brick wall isn't square to the wall it abuts. Anyway since the sink side was ready, the plumber came today & installed the faucet and water filter and hooked up the lines for the dishwasher and the icemaker in the fridge. The appliances can't be used yet because the outlets won't be in until the backsplash is done. But we now have a working sink, no more going out back to use the laundry room sink. Little by little it's starting to look like a kitchen again.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Mounting Bottle Bottoms in Wood

Bamboo Finish on box to heighten Brick Wall
Bottle Bottom Template for Valance
Sometimes simple ideas are harder to execute than you expect. My idea of mounting glass bottle bottoms into the wood we used to build-up our brick wall to counter height took days & days of planning & practice to figure out how to accomplish it. 
First of all a lot of beer bottles appear the same size, but they vary ever so slightly. Also since we are using LED lights to shine through from the inside of the box, the bottles need to fit snug in the hole so light doesn’t bleed around the edge. The cleanest way to get a nice round hole in wood without chewing up the edges is with a hole saw. Only problem, they come in just certain sizes & the larger ones get pricey. Between the contractor & ourselves, we had quite a few, but not enough for all the sizes of bottles. We splurged on a few additional ones. My husband also found an adjustable hole maker, but it wasn’t cutting through thick pieces of wood easily. So after various practice holes and shaving down of glass bottles, he decided to use the adjustable hole saw to cut holes in a template, clamp that template to the box and use his router to cut the smooth round holes. So we ended up going out & spending almost $25 on the right router bit. In the end it was worth it.
Bob cutting Circle Templates
Adjustable Hole Saw

Hole Cutters & practice cuts in Bamboo

The Circle Templates
Special Router Bit

Box with Circles Cut Out (protective tape still applied)


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