Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Inconveniences of Reconstruction

After two weeks of construction a few inconveniences are starting to get old. Mostly having all our belongings packed up & shifted to the center of every room so that the electrical outlets can be rewired. It makes for annoying flow patterns throughout the house. I already have matching bruises on each hip from bumping furniture corners. And of course as the rewire progresses, we're shifting boxes from one room to another, thus loosing track of where the hell to find things when we decide we need them. And then there's the constant drywall and plaster dust. Even with most things covered in plastic and their sweeping up after almost every hole they make, I still see a constant layer of dust everywhere I look. But hooray hooray, yesterday we passed the rough electrical inspection, so now we can proceed with patching up the holes and moving some things back. Of course, I'm wishing I had time to paint behind some of the larger pieces of furniture so I don't have to move them again later, but I'm needed to finish the floors, walls & cabinets in the kitchen.


  1. Too bad we don't still live close, we'd help. That cannot be fun to live in. I'm currently going through Bob's stream, I cannot believe how SMALL your kitchen looks without all the stuff in it, lol. And you weren't kidding about a remodel. That's a full gut & replace job, lol!!

    1. Yes Rebecca, I agree about how small the space looks with nothing in there. Can't wait to get stuff back in, today we're finally getting the sub floor back in.



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