Friday, July 27, 2012

Glass Tile Samples

Today I received some glass tile samples for the kitchen backsplash. As with anything you order online, you can't always tell colors on a computer monitor. I ordered 3 different samples, one of the 3 was a different manufacturer than the others. They all looked slightly different online, but two ended up an almost complete match (both the glossy ones). The other one is a matte finish and we like it better, but it does appear a little more blue than green. You can see scratches on the surface of the glossy ones and since we're planning to use larger 4"x12" tiles to cut down on grout lines, the scratches may be a problem.  I may order a few others yet.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sizing the New Kitchen Hood

This is the beautiful new stainless steel hood from Zephyr that we want for the kitchen. It comes in two different widths 30" and 36". The range is going to be 30" wide, but in reading up on exhaust hoods, some advise to get a wider hood since grease & steam don't travel straight up. I had a few concerned about the wider width. First, I was planning a stainless backsplash panel behind the stove, so it would either be wider than the stove or narrower than the hood which would leave questions for the backsplash above the cabinets abutting the range. Also with the pass thru adjacent to it I thought the 36" might be too overpowering. 
Our contractor suggested we make a cardboard template & see what we liked. I prefer the smaller 30", my husband likes the 36" size, he's willing to defer to me, though he seems a bit bummed. They both have the same 600CFM rating so they will both do the job.
As you can see in the photos, the kitchen is a mess as we've already begun tearing down old wood paneling, ripping up one layer of vinyl floor, and trying to find places for our food & such so we can still cook a little before we're without a kichen completely, hope that won't be too rough on Bob, cooking is his 2nd favorite thing to do.
36" hood

30" hood

Friday, July 6, 2012

Hilarious "How to" for installing hinges

When we renovate the kitchen we will be installing all new cabinets and one of the cabinets I was considering mentioned 'clip on' door hinges. I wasn't quite sure what that meant (apparently it's just a reference to the two sides of the hinge clipping together). Anyway while doing a search to find out, I came across this post on Garden Web describing how to install euro-hinges that just had me in stitches. I can just imagine every aspect of the kitchen renovation going this way. LOL.


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