Friday, July 8, 2011

Recently Found Old Books

Sketchbook - recent find #1 by b-a-boop
Sketchbook - recent find #1, a photo by b-a-boop on Flickr.
I recently found two things I thought I’d lost for good. One is my sketchpad of Fashion Design from back in college in the late 70’s. The other was one of our textbooks on Pattern Drafting and Grading. The textbook was republished in 1977, but you can tell by the page that the designs are older than that. I love the vintage looks in the book, and it is a great resource for how to make patterns.

They turn up right in the open on a bookshelf at our old house where my father-in-law now lives. I swear I’d looked for them numerous times in that room. Anyway I was glad to have them back.

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