Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Found Objects Coral Table

coral slab occasional table by BaubCat
coral slab occasional table, a photo by BaubCat on Flickr.
My brother-in-law created this incredible coral table from discarded items he found. The broken slab of coral was perfect for the tabletop. He also removed the nice mid-century modern legs from a tossed-out table. He attached three of the four legs, thus enhancing the beautiful freeform edge of the slab. It looks beautiful in the natural setting of his patio. Chalk one up for another talented recycler.


  1. How did he actually attach the legs? Love this! Sounds like talent runs in your family:)

  2. He actually just screwed them into the coral slab. I didn't look at it, but my husband did. I assume the legs have a bracket at the top with 4 screws, most similar tables I've seen do.

  3. That is really a great project. You will never have to worry about it blowing away in a tropical wind.



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