Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Busy Day at the Craft Fair

Purses from The ReFORMatory
We had a huge crowd at yesterdays Odd Duck Indie Craft Fair. The crowds were almost too much for a while. And it was so hot too, but the afternoon finally brought us a breeze. So many incredible artists and crafters with just fabulous products. I hope some of you south Floridians made it over to see us. And we had live music that was so pleasant to hear. Check out more pics in the flickr group.

Inside the Historic Old School


  1. Love the picture of you in the mirror!

  2. Thanks SFlaGuy, it took me all day to get this post up yesterday. I loaded all the photos with picasa, then it couldn't access them & just left blank squares, so I deleted those & just tried to attach each one, kept spinning, finally got all 5 & then 4 disappeared. I'm really becoming frustrated with blogger.

  3. Thank both of you from the Hollywood Craft Mafia, looking forward to the next one. Check out the nice blog posts from SFlaGuy above.

  4. Betty,

    The Photos are probably too large. Use the free Microsoft Photo Re-sizer. It takes them from a MB to a few hundred KB but keeps them crisp and clear. Then they can load up in seconds.



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