Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Handmade Wallet

Handmade Wallet for Bob by b-a-boop
Handmade Wallet, a photo by b-a-boop on Flickr.
Bob asked me to make him something for his birthday with less than a week to go. I wasn’t sure what I could whip up, but then I spotted his worn old wallet & remembered that I had bought him a new one over a year ago which he didn’t like, so I had returned it. I took his old one, snapped a few photos to refer back to, measured it & sketched it up. The next day I went looking through my fabrics to find something useful. I ended up eliminating everything but my denim scraps. After looking through my collection of bindings, I settled on a striped vintage bias binding that I believe came from my grandma and a remnant of some brush denim from what I think I made a pair of pants from in high school…does anyone else out there even remember brush denim? He was very pleased with it & especially liked how soft the denim was. I hope it last as long as the last one, but if not, I now have a pattern.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Photography Related Upcycled Giftwrap

Today is my husbands birthday & in honor of his great talent in photography, I wrapped his presents in that theme. I created a gift bag by recycling two pages from an old Ansel Adams wall calendar. Inside I added two pillow boxes recycled from pages in a photography book. I think he was wishing each of those antique cameras were in the bag.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Patchwork Purse for The Odd Duck Bazaar

Patchwork Purse by b-a-boop
Patchwork Purse a photo by b-a-boop on Flickr.
A new patchwork purse ready for the upcoming Odd Duck Bazaar. The patchwork fabrics are from the 70's. Back then I started forming small patches from a large box of scraps that were going to be a quilt. Eventually I decided some fabrics weren't sturdy enough for the quilt, so I just had a bunch of 4 piece patches. I added a corduroy lining with a pocket & a corduroy shoulder strap and accented it with old buttons. See it for yourself in 2 weeks at the Bazaar.

Now on Etsy too.

Friday, March 4, 2011

New Hair Bobbies

New Hair Bobbies by b-a-boop
New Hair Bobbies a photo by b-a-boop on Flickr.
I’ve been working up a few new items for my upcoming craft show. Made some new bobby pins from some small vintage quilting squares and some buttons and some beads. I just love using up some of my old old fabrics, but the pile never seems to get smaller.
Yellow and blue now on Etsy


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