Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Kitchen Project

Well I’ve been running around to local places trying to find bamboo cabinets. Only found one place that had them on display. I’ve also been looking at flooring & found some interesting cork & rubber floors, have to find out more about them & the cost. Finding a few places that can order the recycled glass countertops, but they are way expensive. So far I don’t think I can afford the green kitchen I really want, but I’ll keep plugging away. Here’s an ugly before pic and a possible layout I created with a free design tool on Lowes website.

Valentine Crafting

My husband & I don’t buy in to the commercialized Valentine’s Day crap of expensive jewelry and dinners out. We usually just make each other small tokens of our love. He made me some chocolate & coconut covered strawberries, YUM!!! And he added a post on his flickr page for me.
I made him a framed valentine. Some old photos I saw at an antique fair I visited last week inspired me. They were photos of couples in art deco like cardboard studio frames. I created an art deco design for the frame & planned to edit a photo of us with sepia. Realizing I didn’t have any photos of us that were right for the project, I decided to just do something artsy of myself (always fun trying to jump in front of the camera after you set the timer). He loved it & took it to work & hung it up.

Congrats to TiLT Creations - Feb's EtsyBlogger

She’s one prolific crafter and blogger. She has two Etsy shops, one with a large inventory of lovely handbags, purses, etc. Her other shop has fabrics, vintage patterns and other supplies. And she’s a great team member featuring all kinds of great stories about other crafters and shops on her blogs. Take time to see her great stuff.


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