Monday, December 20, 2010

Earring Tree

Well no wonder I’m behind on Christmas shopping, I’m still making birthday gifts. Here’s an earring tree I made for my big sis. I used odds and ends from my stash to embellish a picture frame and then added a piece of plastic needlepoint canvas covered with some lace to the center. It can either be hung on the wall or stood in an easel.


  1. How did you keep the lace tight and secure the needle point to the frame?

  2. The stiffness of the plastic needlepoint canvas made it easy to pull the lace tight. Then I put some glue along the inside edge of the frame (where glass would normally rest) put in the lace covered canvas and then I glued in pieces of 3/8" square dowels that I bought at Micheal's in the wood craft dept. I've also seen them at Lowes & Home Depot. Tape or clamp them till they dry.



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