Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Butterfly Birthday Cake

Well I usually don’t blog much about cooking because it’s more of a chore to me than a pleasure. I really have to be in the mood (thank goodness my hubby LOVES cooking and is GREAT at it). But I do enjoy sculpting cakes now and then & over the weekend I created a butterfly cake for our great niece’s birthday. She said it was “awesome”. It took me hours to do, I wondered how I get these crazy ideas into my head & think they will be so simple to do.

I mostly scoured the internet for ideas on how to cut the shape and for designs on the wings. I cut out a few circles the size of the cake pan & experimented first to see which shape I liked best.  I recommend freezing the cake layers before cutting & frosting, it helps the icing spread on the cut edges. I used food coloring to make a few colors & free formed the pattern, clipping an edge off a ziplock bag & piping on the frosting. I also ended up adding a piece of cardboard for the tail because the cake was too thin to stand up & frost.

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