Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Handmade Onesies and Booties

We recently celebrated a baby shower for my niece who is expecting her third child. It was a lovely tea party, and she got so many cute things. Not having any kids myself, I rarely make baby clothes. It was fun to work on something different, but not easy working with such tiny items.  I sketched up my own patterns and decorated 2 onesies for her and found a pattern online for booties. Most of the fabrics I used have been around longer than my niece. Finally I’m using some of my old materials.
   (photo credits go to my husband & sister-in-law)


  1. This is absolutely ADORABLE :) ... I love your creativity .... would you mind sharing the pattern for the little slippers/shoes as I'd like to give it a try :) .... deannac15@hotmail.com
    Thanks so much and I love your site!!!!

  2. Thank you so much for your compliments, I found the pattern here
    enjoy. I think there is also a flickr group whre you can see what others have done with the pattern.

  3. OOps, wrong tutorial here is the one for these booties



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