Thursday, February 18, 2010

Valentine Crafting

My husband & I don’t buy in to the commercialized Valentine’s Day crap of expensive jewelry and dinners out. We usually just make each other small tokens of our love. He made me some chocolate & coconut covered strawberries, YUM!!! And he added a post on his flickr page for me.
I made him a framed valentine. Some old photos I saw at an antique fair I visited last week inspired me. They were photos of couples in art deco like cardboard studio frames. I created an art deco design for the frame & planned to edit a photo of us with sepia. Realizing I didn’t have any photos of us that were right for the project, I decided to just do something artsy of myself (always fun trying to jump in front of the camera after you set the timer). He loved it & took it to work & hung it up.

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