Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What’s in store for the New Year

What do I look forward/hope to accomplish this year?
Well item number one on my agenda is to renovate my kitchen. It’s needed it since we got this house, but we put it off to work on other rooms first. But the oven & dishwasher both croaked so now it needs to be done. Problem is I want the greenest items I can get and most of what I want isn’t easy to get locally in south Florida. I’m leery of ordering cabinets & countertops online without seeing them first. I’ve been researching and drawing layouts for months already, now I really need to move forward and start buying the stuff. I’m also having a tough time deciding on the flooring. The rest of the house has beautiful oak floors; right now the kitchen has horrid vinyl. I don’t want tile (too hard & cold) & laminate will just look cheap next to solid oak. Thought about bamboo, but I read that it dents easily, so not a good idea for our kitchen. Right now I’m leaning toward real linoleum, but again need to see real samples, so I can think up a pattern we’d like, we’d probably combine at least 2 colors. Major project that I’m already behind on….and after that I really need to find a real paying job, crafting & Etsy keep me out of trouble, but don’t really put food on the table. It’s already over 2 years since I had a full time job, need to start bring home some real bacon again. So where are all those green jobs I want?


  1. Hope your kitchen project goes well!

  2. Welcome to Etsy and the Bloggers. Hope 2010 gets that kitchen done! I know what it is like to look around and see so many things that need to get done. Hopefully your New Year's wish will come true!



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