Friday, April 11, 2014

Bobcat Lens Cap Holder

As you may know, my husband is a brilliant photographer & I have linked often to his flickr where he goes by the name Baubcat. He often misplaces his lens cap and a few months back I saw a cap holder on B&H that attaches to the camera strap & the lens cap snaps into it. I was thinking of buying one, but then realized he had multiple lenses with different size caps & I didn’t want to buy a string of holders. I then googled ‘lens cap holder’ & found lots of pouches used to hold them. This brought my mind around to the many animal themed coin purses I’ve faved & pinned. I decided to make one of a BOBCAT. I measured his lens caps to determine the diameter of the holder. I drew a bunch of circles on a scrap of paper & began designing. I wanted to velco it closed, rather than snap so the snap wouldn’t be pressing into the plastic cap. I figured the nose was a good place for that. Then I needed to draw a cutting line somewhere along the middle to open up & insert the cap. I looked at many a photo of bobcats & had planned to make it very simplified & abstract, but when I left out too much detail it either looked like a kitten or a fox. Since bobcats have almost a mane, it was hard deciding whether to fringe the outer edge. You can see a sketch of a few of my various ears, eyes, etc. In the end I decided to do some embroidery, and as I did, I kept adding more, so much for simplified! What do you think; does it look like a bobcat?

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