Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Removing Ugly Old Wallpaper

My husband spent a few hours working on getting rid of the ugly old wallpaper on the kitchen ceiling. As you can see in the BEFORE picture, we had attempted to take it down a while back. We pulled off one strip of the vinyl paper and the backing just dropped a tremendous bunch of dust down everywhere. So we decided it was best to wait till the kitchen was cleared out. After the rest of the demo, we pealed off the vinyl sheets, leaving a layer of the woven backing still on the ceiling. He used a spray bottle of water & white vinegar, let it soak in a while & scraped it off with a paint scraper. Thanks honey, so so happy to see that ugly stuff go!


  1. So what was worse. Peeling wall paper off the ceiling or scraping tiles off the floor. This sure is a top to bottom renovation.

  2. Scraping off the sheet vinyl was the worst, some of the layers of square tiles underneath we used a shovel to scrape off before ripping up the sub floor. But the gooey glue on the wallpaper is messy too, & we're now waiting till we get the sub floor back in cause it's easier than standing on the floor beams.



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