Monday, January 2, 2012

PJ’s for Little Cowboys from Vintage Flannel Fabric

A Happy New Year to everyone. I’m finally back to my neglected blog. Sorry to be away so long, the last month of the year is always a very hectic time for me.

Anyway here’s my post on one of my holiday projects:
Since both my mother and grandmother did so much home sewing we’ve always had piles of fabric around the house. Some pieces have been in the family as far back as I can remember. I had this favorite piece of flannel with a cowboy print that I’ve loved since I was a little tot myself. I figured someday I’d make something for a son, but I never had any kids.
Then I realized a few years ago, when my youngest nephew was turning four, that I’d better do something with the fabric before all the boys were too old to enjoy it. So I made him a cute pair of PJ’s. I guess I should have gotten my sis to send me a picture of him in them as I’m sure he’s outgrown them by now.
This year at Christmas my niece asked for PJ’s for her 19 month old son. I shopped around and wasn’t very thrilled with most of what I found in the stores. I did finally find one cute pair and thought I’d use them as a pattern for a second pair. Low and behold I came across that small remnant of the cowboy flannel (I save everything). There was enough for a pajama top if I pieced it together. I also had some knit fabrics in both blue and red, so I asked my husband if he were 2 years old which color he would like. He said the red. So I made the bottoms with the red knit and the top from the flannel. Originally I put a stripe of the red across the front of the shirt where I pieced 2 parts together, but we both agreed it looked too girly. So I did a quick google search on cowboy motifs for other ideas to cover the seam and saw the suede fringe. Also in my remnant piles were some pieces of ultrasuede (can we say hoarder). I cut a strip 1-1/4” wide and then cut 1/4” fringe along the edge and sewed it down over the seam. Way more cowboy now!


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