Sunday, August 22, 2010

Patch First – Etsyblogger of the Month

Planning an upcoming wedding? Attending a wedding soon? Then you should visit Patch’s Wedding Guide Blog . It’s chockfull of photos & info about the latest looks & styles, hairstyles, diamond buying advise, etc. And then it’s off to patch’s Bridal jewelry & accessories shop where you can have custom made stuff or just get something for yourself to wear to a wedding.

Not into the whole wedding thing, then check out her Vintage Shop or her Supply Shop. And also visit her personal blog that highlights her prolific creativity.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

New Hair Accessories

I’ve put together some hairbands, clips, bobby pins and scrunchies from my fabric flowers.

see them at The ReFORMAtory on Etsy

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Butterfly Birthday Cake

Well I usually don’t blog much about cooking because it’s more of a chore to me than a pleasure. I really have to be in the mood (thank goodness my hubby LOVES cooking and is GREAT at it). But I do enjoy sculpting cakes now and then & over the weekend I created a butterfly cake for our great niece’s birthday. She said it was “awesome”. It took me hours to do, I wondered how I get these crazy ideas into my head & think they will be so simple to do.

I mostly scoured the internet for ideas on how to cut the shape and for designs on the wings. I cut out a few circles the size of the cake pan & experimented first to see which shape I liked best.  I recommend freezing the cake layers before cutting & frosting, it helps the icing spread on the cut edges. I used food coloring to make a few colors & free formed the pattern, clipping an edge off a ziplock bag & piping on the frosting. I also ended up adding a piece of cardboard for the tail because the cake was too thin to stand up & frost.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Earrings Upcycled into Pendants

I turned some old earrings into pendants. My friend gave me a big bag full of old jewelry she no longer wanted & I was inspired to turn some post earrings into pendants. I made the 1st one for her for her birthday, also incorporating some beads from other earrings in the bag. Then I made a second for my shop. The other 2 are still to come, don’t have enough of all the beads to repeat these two.


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