Wednesday, January 6, 2010

More Neckties and Bags – gifts cont.

The laptop bag was a b’day gift for my nephew, this time I upcycled a button down shirt and two neckties.

This purse was my sister’s b’day gift, she requested a purse & sent me some pics of bags she liked. This was by far my most time consuming project because I mixed so many small remnants (sorting thru my stash takes forever) & then I hand sewed the yarn borders and beads on & hand sewed fabric over a black plasticbuckle on the strap because the black was all I could find in a 2” buckle (recycled from an old camera bag).

And this cute little purse was a xmas gift for my best shopping girlfriend. I found the pin in a thrift store awhile back & bought it for her. I then needed to decide what to attach it to. At the last minute I came up with the idea of a small purse and threw it together that night. I may have to create a few more like this, but I only had the one pin.

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